We teach, and encourage learning about Conservation Values, in primary and secondary schools, in community and church groups, and through CVP internships.

CVP Education, photo report


We develop, deliver and assess educational innovations that promote awareness and appreciation of Africa's unique natural heritage, building conservation values, and inspiring people to participate in protecting their environments.

Faith based Conservation Values
Teaching Love of Creation in Sunday Schools
UNAFAS CVP 'Holiday Classes'


CVP scholars and interns join us for a year or vacation period. We provide professional development opportunities and mentoring. Law and arts students gain an appreciation of the need for Conservation Values in society and we hope, go on to promote this in their future careers.

Conservation Values in Lebialem: Ndeloh, Tamnjong & Ncha

Ngum Paul Chu's report
Expanding teaching and learning repertoires with Pan African Conservation Education


We work with schools to help them develop Conservation Values in their students, staff and wider networks.

Cross-curricular Conservation Values education in secondary schools, March 2008
CVP education, in schools, June 2008
Sharing and discussing conservation values, local and international


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